Governance changelog

List of changes to governance-related state
  • 8th April 2021: Disabled ERC20ManagerModule after a flaw was identified by the Metalith team.

  • 19th April 2021: Enabled new ERC20ManagerModule to ensure fractions supply can be updated via governance module. The new address is 0x8a293ddd9ba7d6105cb985af6a77a74ae84414b5

  • May 7 2021: Enabled SWManagerModule to enable artist wallet and governance address change (Governance address can only be updated after ALLOW_GOVERNANCE_UPDATE is enabled)

  • May 19 2021: Disabled BuyoutModule. The address is 0xc20587251fA7Ccd2431c75070c11cd5029395A65. Important note: past buyouts on v2 will function as normal with no vulnerabilities. On the same date we introduce new buyout module so that more exciting modules can be added (For example, MagneticPool)

  • May 19 2021: Enabled new BuyoutModule, to make user the addition of new modules is more seamless. The address is 0x389ef6ca849daca78bd5b00cfe0844bccc2466f0

  • June 15 2021: CURVE_TEMPLATE is updated to new BondingCurve Assets fractionalized after June 15 will use this new curve, which only requires 40% of fractions supply to ensure market is not paused due to low fraction liquidity. The existing assets (including $R64X, $GMC24 and $APED) will still use the existing curve. If any existing assets wish to migrate liquidity to new curve, please let us know via discord.