Local Governance
Fractionalization parameters controlled by fraction holders of a particular fraction set.
Changes in Local parameters must be effected through voting i.e. consensus is required. See Action Module for the default voting procedure.
Fraction holders of a particular fraction set can change the following things:

No module required

  • Address of the NFT artist
    • Affects trade fee royalties
  • Address of the governance contract
    • Requires ALLOW_GOVERNANCE_UPGRADE to be enabled
  • Setting new local parameters or modules via setModule() and setConfig().
    • Note that modules must be whitelisted globally in order to be used.
  • Overriding existing Global Governance parameters or modules. For a list of overridable parameters see Global Governance.

Module required

These functions must be called from a whitelisted module:
  • Making arbitrary calls through the custody contract to any other contract(s)
    • Used to access on-chain rights or any other applications that verify NFT ownership
  • Minting more fractions
  • Burning fractions
  • Transferring the NFT(s)
  • Transferring ownership of the Wallet
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